These guidelines will help you understand the construction and usage of the logo. Get acquainted with the guidelines to use the logo correctly across different environments.



Logo or the logotype combines two words “Gateway Partners” written in uppercase and set in two lines.


Keep in mind to keep all relations between shapes, lines and text. Logo always needs to be used in constructed proportions to keep it identic across design materials.


Clearspace around the logo is the height of the word “Gateway”.


Gateway Partners logo is designed to be used in both small and large formats. Smallest size for the printed material is 8mm.


Aligning partnership logos should follow clear space rules.  The vertical line between logos separate both elements.

Social profile image

It is important to keep the distance around the edges for social media images to exclude cutting off of the symbol.

Name in copy

In cases name of the brand is written in the copy write the name “Gateway Partners” capitalised. Do not use italic or bold for the name.


The logo must not be altered or distorted in any way. The effectiveness of the logo depends on consistently correct usage as outlined in this manual. The examples shown below illustrate some incorrect uses of the logo.

Do not create logo in any other widths
Do not change line height
Do not change letter spacing
Do not stretch the logo
Try to avoid using logo in others than brand colors
Do not change the layout of the logo


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