Color palette is made to highlight the characteristics of the finance and investments market. It combines the feeling of the experienced and confident brand.

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Primary colors

Gateway Partners Blue is a primary accent color of the brand. It is used for the background and other solid elements on the Black, Gateway Partners Gray or White background. Can be used for large, mid-size and small areas.

Gateway Partners Gray is a primary background color and can be used widely. Can also be combined with white background color to create the contrast between two sections.

Black color is used for all the copy and backgrounds to highlight the section/area.



R0 G0 B0
C60 M60 Y60 K100

Pantone+ Solid Coated
Pantone Black 6 C
Gateway Partners Blue


R0 G144 B255
C73 M40 Y0 K0

Pantone+ Solid Coated
Pantone 2193 C
Gateway Partners Gray


R245 G245 B245
C3 M2 Y2 K0

Pantone+ Solid Coated
Pantone 663 C

Secondary background

White is a secondary background color and main color for all content on dark background and dark pictures.



R255 G255 B255
C0 M0 Y0 K0

Usage proportions

All colors are not used in the same amount. This is the estimated proportion of color usage.


Here are the examples of how not to use the color palette.

Do not use Gateway Partners Blue for the logo
Do not create and use gradients
Do not use Black on Gateway Partners Blue.
Do not use White on Gateway Partners Gray – the contrast is too weak.


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